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The secure cloud file sync service that gives you the ability to work anywhere, across any device, with anyone, with any content, without compromising security and control. Administer all of your customers from one central dashboard and set company-specific usage policies. Sharing, collaborating, and restoring lost files from the cloud has never been easier.

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Employee Surveillance

PRODUCTIVIT TM Employee Surveillance Understand what your employees are doing with their time. Our CES solution allows you to monitor employee activity without infringing on their privacy. Application and internet classifications allow easy to read charts to determine productivity levels and identify problem areas. Scheduled reports deliver Top 10 reports on a regular basis to managers so they can address issues before they get out of control. Optional electronic punch clock allows for time and attendance reporting as well.


PRODUCTIVIT TM Anti-SPAM Drop SPAM before it even gets to your network! Eliminate mailbox clutter and protect employees inboxes from malicious emails and attacks spread through email. Custom white lists for the company and per user as well as automatic user creation and deletion simplify the addition and removal of addresses without intervention. Single Sign On technology maintains a single user password across our portal and your network.

End Point Protection

PRODUCTIVIT TM Anti-Virus Enterprise class Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus protection managed from our private cloud. Works independent of domain or local security and is always able to update even when employees are on the road. Benefit from the threat assessments we collect across our private cloud in order to react to the latest threats and attacks.


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Powerful file sync, gives you the ability to work anywhere, across any device, with anyone, with any content, without compromising security and control


Access files from anywhere

Keep all of your files with you wherever you go. SyncNode updates and protects your work. Users can access their files from their laptops, tablets and phones.

Collaborate with ease

SyncNode empowers users to collaborate on files using Team Shares. Any time a file changes on a Team Share, users will have access to the most recent version.

Control your data

Tracks all user activity, including adds, deletes, and changes, making it easy to download and restore any deleted files and previous versions.

Share files securely

With one click of the mouse users can share files, set expiration dates, track downloads, receive notifications, and send messages.

Eliminate FTP and VPN

SyncNode allows businesses to  cloud enable their file server, minimizing dependence on FTP and VPN. No more cumbersome technologies.

Powerful, yet easy-to-use

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Real time sync between servers, desktops, laptops,
smartphones, tablets and the cloud.


Guest Users

File/folder sharing:

Share via email
Share via URLs
Share via Outlook plugin

Storage Cloud

Enough cloud storage for every user and your entire business:

448-bit blowfish encryption of all stored data
SSL encryption of all transmissions
Fine grained sync and security policies for every user in the company

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