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We are passionate about IT and SMBs

Committed to implementing and supporting IT projects

For more than 28 years Bang has been committed to implementing and supporting IT projects for SMBs in Quebec. We understand that small businesses strive to become medium and medium businesses aim to become large but with all the challenges of running a business, IT is the last thing you need to worry about.

We are dedicated to providing the best service and IT solutions to the SMB market. We treat each business individually as we understand that no one solution fits all
and that every business comes with its own set of challenges. Through our consultative process, we customize solutions for each business case.

Unifying our forces and leveraging our strengths

We are proudly customer centric at everything we do, ensuring your SMB is receiving the same services and support that any large enterprise would.

In November 2019, we merged with Present, an industry leader of 30 years, specializing in on-premise and hybrid multi cloud solutions, managed services and
security and IT recruitment.

By unifying our forces and leveraging our strengths, we have improved the breadth and quality of services we can offer our clients.

Our mission is to enable SMBs to use technology to drive your business goals. We aim to be a key contributor to the success of your projects, business and the careers of those who choose to work with us.

We also strive to provide the best customer experience possible. That starts with a goal centered on always finding out what matters most to the customer and their business and then empowering our team to deliver on this.  We love what we and we strive to portray that passion in our daily interaction with our clients, partners and colleagues.

We are a provider of Cloud Solutions, as well as offer traditional IT infrastructure solutions and specialize in hyper-convergence and virtualization.

Our cloud services aim to make your pathway to the cloud effortless. The key to a migration to the cloud is thorough planning as each type of business requires a different approach.

Our Microsoft 365 services supports businesses in transforming their workplace experience. When using these powerful collaboration applications and tools to their potential, you will to strengthen your operations, increase the efficiency of your employees and ultimately help to improve customer satisfaction.

For 30 years now, Present has been helping medium and large businesses simplify IT to free people up to focus on key projects.

Present specializes in 4 centers of expertise, namely

  1. Cloud solutions: What to put in which cloud and why, and do it in record time, is Present’s expertise. With more than 100 cloud projects in place, in hyperconverged, Azure and AWS, we have developed a strong expertise and experience to build the best combination of cloud that takes into account all the advantages of both
  2. IT infrastructure solutions: The strength of Present is to architect an infrastructure with best practices taking into account what is in place, present and future needs. From traditional solutions to hyperconverged solutions, we design the best solution to meet your data growth, ensure business continuity, agility and efficiency, while preserving security and maximizing cost reduction.
  3. Managed IT solutions: We free you from the time and hassle of day-to-day IT management so you can focus on what will make a difference for the business. Typically, the internal value received is then the advancement of key projects that improve the performance of the organization. We manage on-site and cloud infrastructure and user support, partially or fully, independently or jointly with your IT team.
  4. IT recruitment: Providing the key resources that will make the difference in the success of projects and the department is our recruitment mission. Whether you are an employer looking for highly qualified IT professionals for permanent or contractual positions or an IT professional looking for a career change or your next project, our mandate is to match expertise and talent to the unique needs and culture of each business.

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We partner with
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Bang works in partnership with the largest IT solution providers to deliver the best services in the industry. Whether it’s your cloud services or professional services needs, Bang has the solution for your business. Accelerate your business growth and innovation with IT leaders such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Intel, VMWare, HP, Dell and more.


At Bang and our parent company Present, our greatest asset is our team of passionate, dedicated IT professionals.  We believe in world class service. We also believe we can’t achieve this without a happy, thriving workplace. That’s why we put a big focus on creating a strong corporate culture based on teamwork, constant improvement, having fun and celebrating our success.

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Interested in joining the Bang and Present family? We are constantly on the lookout for the best talent to be part of our team.

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