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Our team is constantly on the look out for clever solutions that will solve problems quickly, easily and cost effectively for clients. Crossware Mail Signature is one of those tools.  Like all software we recommend, we use Crossware for our signatures too, it is simple, easy, and best of all it just works!  We have added Crossware to our suite of PRODUCTIVIT TM solutions.

Crossware Mail Signature software is fully-featured email signature application that can automatically add compliant, personalised and beautiful signatures to all your company emails. This can include: disclaimers, logos, images and advertising banners that can be targeted to specific recipients.

As we all know, thousands of emails are sent every day, meaning it is more vital than ever to ensure that each email represents your brand effectively, as well as ensuring the appropriate contact details and legal information is included.

Worried that your team’s details are correct?
Find it difficult to encourage your team to keep their signatures up to date?
Want to ensure your signature includes all the relevant contact details?
Want to add some holiday flair?
Want consistent signature across all devices, including BYOD?
Keen to develop your social media channels?
Got something to shout about?
Need to keep it legal?
Want to catch your recipients’ attention before they start to read the email?

Crossware Mail Signature gives you complete control over your company email signatures. You can have a consistent and automatically updated signature that is dynamic and fully customized to your needs. A web based console provides simple, yet powerful, editing capabilities. From a basic busines card style to a dynamic and targeted ad campaign, Crossware will enable your company to break through the noise and get your company noticed.

Want to give it a try? A fully functional 30 day trial is waiting for you

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