SIMPLICIT® services is a suite of managed IT services that offers businesses a way to simplify their IT. Proactive management combined with leading edge software and services minimizes downtime and helps businesses keep their computer and network systems running at peak efficiency. By proactively addressing many common problems BANG will keep network systems running and available for the business users. Scheduled maintenance and planned upgrades will keep your network running smooth and more importantly make sure it is available for your users.


SIMPLICIT® Gold provides businesses with a simple easy plan with a fixed monthly rate for services and support.


SIMPLICIT® Pro brings award-wining availability and performance monitoring solution that brings structure to your day to day management, and instill a sense of calm within your IT Department.


SIMPLICIT® Silver combines a fixed rate monthly plan including our award winning monitoring and pay as you go services.


SIMPLICIT® Block is a monthly support block which allows access to our specialized and trained technicians.

1 Option – This feature may be included in the service contract at an extra cost
2 Paid – This feature can be purchased either with a SIMPLICIT® Block or paid on an hourly basis
3 Add-on – This feature can be added to an existing contract or purchased as a separate contract

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