16 Jan 2018

New ransomware attack on cloud data

A new ransomware attack has appeared to start the new year.  This new attack specifically targets cloud email and cloud data.  Once the attack has gained access it will encrypt all data in the account. At present there is no way to decrypt data except to pay the ransom.  We are advising our clients to alert their users to be more vigilant for these attacks.  BANG has several solutions to help protect your users, please see the details at the bottom of the message.

Users are tricked into providing credentials with a social engineering attacks, or phishing attacks, that may appear like the ones below. These simple emails try to fool users into providing access to their accounts.
Email Attack

If a user is fooled into clicking on the link in the message, they will be redirected to a site. Once there, they will be prompted to enter the credentials, thus granting the attacker full access to their cloud data.  Once the attacker has access to the cloud data they are able to encrypt the data and lock the user out.

BANG recommends that you do not pay the ransom. You should restore from backup or other sources, after removing access for the attacker. User education is the first line of defense, so make sure to advise your users of this new threat.

What can you do?

BANG offers the following solutions to our clients to mitigate this and other threats.

    • CONTINUIT® O365 backs up users mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint data
      Sign up for a free trial on our site at bang.ca/continuit
    • PRODUCTIVITTM Training teaches users to recognize phishing attacks, SPAM, and other malware attacks through a simulated attacks and gives administrators information on how they react. Contact our sales group for more details sales@bang.ca
    • For our SIMPLICIT® clients we can add tags to emails received from external sources to aid users in identifying emails that have more likely hood of being threats. Contact your account manager to submit this request
    • Lastly if you just aren’t sure forward the email to our support group at support@bang.ca and our technicians will validate if it is safe or not.
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