09 Sep 2014

One day with no data

The other day, while looking for new blog subject, I ran into a video posted by the Intel Marketing Team which had me questioning the importance the Internet Data Centers is gaining and, to what point our social life, work, and travel are dependent on them.

Although a pretty scary scenario, human error is the primary cause of 73% of data center downtime and even though the data center outage depends on many factors, the effects on company’s activities could be minimized by reducing the downtime with a serious of governance programs such as:

–                     Adopting a reliable Backup & DR Plan,

–                     Planning, testing and actual execution of your plan at least once a year,

–                     Introducing staff training programs for emergency situations,

–                     Computing maintenance program for each piece of equipment,

–                     Communication strategy for employees and customers alike,

–                     Backup power generators,

–                     Dormant virtual machines ready to go,

–                     Set up multiple points of data restoration (cloud, local, storage area network and remote).

Downtime can be expensive, but beyond the financial implications, there is also a loss of credibility and trust. Make sure you look over the above-mentioned points with your IT solution supplier. These actions will help you improve RTO and RPO and will significantly reduce downtime costs.


Now it’s your turn: What do you think? Have you been in a similar situation? What solution helped you most in a Disaster Recovery situation that you would recommend?


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